Saturday, July 19, 2008

Trying my hand...

I've seen so many awesome & subversive-type embroidery projects on Craftster lately, that I've been inspired to pick up the needle and thread to try something I generally avoid at all costs... sewing something by hand.

I love the idea of drawing something with thread- its different then working with fabric because the colors present so many options, and you have complete and total control of everything. You build the entire design & pattern from the ground up - and never have to worry about matching something someone else dreamed up.

There are no limits to the things you can create. Right now I have sort of a paisley design bouncing around in my head... and a dragonfly I saw in a book recently. Perhaps I'll embroider a likeliness of one of my dogs- or both.

Or maybe I'll be miserable at this particular craft (anything is possible!) and send all my materials out in the "Fill a Box Swap" I just signed up for on Craftster. (The idea is you fill a post office mailer box with supplies and materials you can bear to cull from your stash- and trade with someone else to get some new crafty stuff, and hopefully some new perspective/ideas.)

Someone just might be getting a TON of embroidery thread!!

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