Monday, July 14, 2008

A Busy Weekend

My first summer squash of the season!
Ok, ok, my first summer squash ever!!!

And this is my first (hopefully) usable crochet project ever. Up until now, a series of "one-skein rectangles" is as far as I've gotten... but this is a scarf (with stripes!) that I'm hoping to finish soon. Made of the softest organic cotton- I just love working with the tiny hook!

Its made of Sublime Organic Cotton, colors "Nutmeg" "Bone" & "Clay". I'm loving it!

I also spent some time teaching two friends of mine how to crochet this weekend. Well, I taught them the one stitch I know- and I promised to finally figure out how to end a project properly- so next time I can show them that too!

And it were ever possible for me to fall in love with a craft project- it would be this patchwork quilt. It doesn't look like much here- but its coming together into such a gorgeous collection and random patterning of colors and hues... it makes me so happy just to work on, and I can't wait for the day I can curl up underneathe it on the couch. I'll certainly post photos when I finish- but for now, a taste is all you get!


CraftPudding said...

Lovely blog! Keep up the good work and thanks a lot for the link ;)

Friendly regards,

Anonymous said...

I can't even make a square...I can't get past the second row before I have a giant knot :( And I have tried books, youtube instruction videos...
I wish I could figure crocheting out! Until then, I guess I will stick to quilting :)
Nice blog!

h_o_p_e (found your blog from your craftster posts)


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