Thursday, July 24, 2008

Embroidered Life

When I find a new craft style, topic, project or pattern, I tend to obsess over it for a little while- trying to take in as much information as I can about it. At the moment, that obsession is embroidery- Who does it? How do they do it? What different styles exist? What do people DO with the fabric they've embroidered? Where do they find inspiration?

On my quest to answer these (and many other) questions- I found some of the most gorgeous work I've ever seen, in any medium...
I think this intricate, delicate stitchery is a testament to what patience, skill and a dedication to perfection and beauty can do.

This piece was found on the blog of Elsa Mora, the embroidery was a gift from her sister in law... a woman I can tell has exquisite taste.

It makes my little dragonfly look even more crooked doesn't it? Oh well, I still love him!

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