Thursday, July 10, 2008

Pretty Little Petticoat

Okay, I know the new young craft movement sometimes has to deal with the whole sexism issue... are those of us who are perfectly happy to spend our days in front of a sewing machine really dragging the whole women's liberation movement backward 100 years? I think the answer is absolutely not- as long as we're expressing our own creativity and have a desire to do so (instead of doing it because we're supposed to)...

But now I might be pushing the envelope just a little bit by trying to hoist this petticoat pattern on you- I think even the word "petticoat" brings forth ideas of women being dressed like dolls in clothing too tight for them to be able to even breathe comfortably... but I ask you to put all of those preconceived notions aside and consider just how adorable this lightweight, soft cotton, non-frilly, non-scratchy, loose-fitting item would look underneath your favorite skirt! It would add just enough poof, just enough swirl, just enough girly, carefree, sunshine on your face love and spirit to brighten any day.

Doncha think? And doncha kinda want one?

Tutorial here, at the AntiCraft!

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