Sunday, July 20, 2008

Crazy for...

I've been doing some thinking lately about crazy-quilting & other ways of using scrap fabrics. I love the freedom they represent- the colors and random designs they encompass. I adore the small sections of embroidery, coupled with patchwork, buttons, ribbons and anything else you can find on your craft studio floor.

I was recently flipping through "Fabric Leftovers: Simple, Adaptable Ways to Use up Scraps" by D’Arcy-Jean Milne at a local bookstore. Its on my Amazon wishlist now. She has some fantastic tips & ideas for using up not only your fabric scraps, but also your leftover threads.

And on this same topic, this quilt just took my breath away-
Created by, and available from iHannah.

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Susan said...

If you want to see fabulous crazy quilting, go to your google alerts and use the key words crazy quilting. Lots of good sites will come up, over time. Or google Sharon Boggon or Allie Allerson, or check out last year's posts from and look at for little works of art. =)


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