Monday, July 28, 2008

A Garden Party... with Mushrooms & Snails!

Today the fabric fairy left TONS of goodies in my mailbox... I'm so giddy! Do you notice the summer/nature theme going on here?

First, 10 pieces of Garden Party, by Anna Maria Horner. Whenever I find a new fabric line I think I might love, I buy a bunch of fat quarters (or 5x5 charms) so I can get a real feel for the colors and feel of the material... and Garden Party does not disappoint! The hues are brighter then life and just so fun... I've got about a million patchwork bags dancing through my head right now- I think that these swatches will work together in just about any combination!

And then we have Alexander Henry's Mushroom City in three different colors... scrawled and doodled across the fabric... I'm loving these little fungi!

And something just for fun that caught my eye... Creatures & Critters by Amy Schimler. Wouldn't these little snails make an adorable sundress for a little girl?

And a quick shout-out to a stupendous etsy fabric shop- FabricWorm, who not only had the fabric I ordered on Friday delivered on Monday (without rush shipping!) but also noticed that I ordered (2) fat quarters of the same fabric, and was thoughtful enough to leave it as 1/2 yard because she wanted to be "Better safe then sorry!". Its a relatively new shop- but they have TONS (including the new Amy Butler line, which she offers 6x6 swatches of for $1, so you can check it out without breaking the bank), so consider this my official recommendation!

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