Sunday, March 29, 2009

Quilted Baby Bibs

Wow- its been awhile huh! I've been so neglectful to not only my blog- but even my craft studio! A fine layer of dust seems to have gathered on both... I'm doing my best at some spring cleaning.

In my defense, I've been quite busy the past couple months. I'm still going to school part-time for graphic design (and on the Dean's List, I may add). I'm still working fulltime... and I just recently got ENGAGED! So wedding plans are creeping into my schedule. I'm hoping to do much of our wedding DIY style- so at least the studio will get some work then!

In the meantime, my friends just seem to keep having those kids... and I've been meaning to whip up a batch of my favorite reversible quilted baby bibs. These are just so adorable, and I hope, potential family heirlooms... or at least good enough to be hand-me-downs.

I did up a batch of four little boy bibs for a woman I work with that is expecting very soon...

And their reverse sides...

And I had some bibs suitable for a baby girl almosty finished- so I went ahead and got those done too...

I promise to try and be around more often... my craft days are few and far between these days... but just so good for the soul!!

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