Thursday, July 17, 2008

Excellent Article on "Craftivism"

DIY is a way of life for many women, but for some crafters it’s a way to change the world. Is crafting the new activism?

Whether DIY crafting is a trend or an activist act is debated among feminists and knitters nationwide. The discussion seems to focus on whether crafting is the new yoga or just a way that women are conforming to a retro, more domestic lifestyle. Many women argue that by getting together and taking back crafting as an artistic act rather than a feminine one, they are making a political statement. But where is the line drawn between regression to old ways and activism?
Turnouts at trunk shows and other alternative craft shows across the country are on the rise, and according to DIY Trunkshow founder and lifetime crafter Cinnamon Cooper, it’s just the beginning.

“Third-wave feminists like me are seeing that paying someone substandard wages [for clothing] is not a feminist act,” Cooper said. “The third wave is trying to find meaning in just about everything.”

Full article here

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