Monday, July 28, 2008

One thing leads to another...

Yesterday I featured Crafty Intentions and her amazing technicolor dream-skirt... and while digging around her flickr stream, I found that she is one of the most organized crafters I have ever seen in my life. I bow down before her and her fastidious craft room... if I could stay this organized, I estimate I would save roughly three hours a day of searching, finding and losing things again and again.

The only reason I'm not currently searching frantically online for a place to order these adorable little jars in bulk is that I'm afraid it would give me yet another excuse to collect even more things then I do now!! The last thing I need are more reasons to magpie. (yes, I just used that word as a verb, that's how agitated I am right now!)

1 comment:

Adrienne O said...

Cool! Looks like a candy store.


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