Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ruminations on Embroidery

Its a little crooked, and a little lopsided, and the stitches aren't perfect- but I'm actually really enjoying myself. I love the fact that its coming together so slowly- that every single teeny-tiny stitch I make changes the direction of the entire design. I could draw this with a pencil in seconds- but the embroidery is taking me hours and there is just something so calming in that.

Last night I came home from work in one of those moods- you know what I'm talking about, the "everything in the entire world is annoying me right now so don't even think about breathing in my direction or I might explode" sort of moods. And I got out my little hoop, and my little needle, and started stitching my little dragonfly... and the bad mood just sort of dissipated. Putting so much concentration and focus onto each stitch allowed me to just let everything else go floating away.

So yeah, I'm really liking this embroidery thing. Isn't crafting the best sort of mental therapy?

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