Thursday, July 10, 2008


I'm a fabric addict. Seriously, I have this absolute NEED to be on a constant search for new textures and designs and patterns and colors and... whew. Ok. Got a little carried away there.

For an addict like me, who happens to be just a little skinny in the wallet area (and who isn't?) fat quarters are an amazing way for me to feed my habit, and still allow us to feed our family (those two GSD's eat more then you can imagine!).

And then this past week, I discovered something I may love even more- Charm Packs! After three days of meticulously cutting 5x5 after 5x5 piece of fabric for this deliciously bright & gaudy quilt I'm working on, I discover that there are other people out there like me, who don't want to start and end their days armed with a rotary cutter! We want to sew! We want to sew!

I took this little discovery as an opportunity to delve into a collection I've been eyeing for awhile now- "Flutterby" by Tula Pink (available through Moda).

Now just in case you're like me, and after a cursory glance at the teeny tiny thumbnail photo of these fabrics (no decent quilt stores in my area, its JoAnn's or the internet for me!) and categorize it as a "some great designs, some fabulous colors, a must have... eventually", then I am here to let you know differently! This collection is a tiny, dreamlike group of critters so enticing I might even be convinced to allow them into my garden.

Take a look at these hidden buggers...


There are caterpillar's making their way through this one..


I just adore this one... SNAILS!


And a stunning lace butterfly.

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