Sunday, August 3, 2008

Tour of my craft room...

I spent much of the weekend reorganizing my favorite room, my craft studio! And now that I've finished, I wanted to take a few moments to share. The photos aren't great- one of the rooms best features are the huge windows & sliding doors, which are great for crafting, but horrible lighting for photos!

This is the main wall- my sewing machine & cutting table.
A couple of spare chickens, a poppet "Lilith" and my mason jars of buttons... all color-coordinated.

My Janome Sew-Precise... since she's pretty much the most important thing in the room, I figure she deserve's her own photo!

You can see here that I have a huge "Inspiration Board" behind my machine, just a bunch of printed photos of projects I've seen and loved... some of my own, but mostly things I found online.

The room was originally an office/library- so there is no shortage of floor to ceiling bookshelves. This one is home to my craft books, patterns & magazines. I also have some ikea shelves, decoupaged with Amy Butler scrapbook paper.

A couple close-up shots of my craft library...

This is my attempt at some serious organization- separate plastic tubs for my bias tapes, notions, ribbons, elastics, scissors, clay, beads, stick-ball thingies, foam ball thingies, glues, magnets, beads, embroidery floss, doll parts, soap-making supplies, yarns, stamps, popsicle sticks... you get the idea.

And the second most important thing in my craft room- my stash!! (Or at least a large portion of it). I recently found out that cardboard comic book boards make excellent "mini-bolts" so I can keep my fabric folded and displayed neatly!

This is a recent addition- I went through my THREE huge laundry baskets of "scrap fabric" and sorted it out. I ironed the larger pieces and put them in plastic tubs by color... the smaller scraps went into ziplock baggies, also by color. It took forever, but I think it might actually encourage me to USE some of this great fabric for smaller or patchwork projects.


Ravenhill said...

Your craft room is fantastic! Everything is so neat and pretty! I love how you have all of your sewing thread on the wall like that. And the way you have found for storing fabric neatly is wonderful!

Stephanie said...

LOVE the room! THe fabric/comic cardboard idea is brilliant!

iHanna said...

Thanks for sharing your beautiful room! I wish I had something like that, and your books looks so yummy! I want to dive in and read them all!

Blackbird Pie said...

Wow, great job organizing everything. I'm jealous of your shelf space!


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