Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Making things beautiful...

This project is essentially why I love crafters. They can take something thats old, ugly, or even just kind of nice on its own... and turn it into something amazing.

Minouette took this ugly, old (and Free!!) chair... and made it into something beautiful.

She used a combination of new fabric, thrifted fabrics (corduroy, cotton, upholstery, an old pair of pants and a men's shirt etc.) and block printed fabrics. She also used lino block prints of the oudjat eyes, radiolarians, jellyfish, frog & lily pad, koi, seahorse, walrus, dragon and blue whales.

I think we all have an "ugly chair" in our lives... are you feeling as inspired as I am?

1 comment:

Ele said...

Thanks for your post! I say go for it. Rid the world of ugly chairs. :)



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