Saturday, August 9, 2008

Polka Dot Molly

I just finished my Molly Monkey Doll (see below post for free pattern link!), and she's adorable!! I made a couple of changes, leaving off the sleeve because I felt the polka dots would be too big for that small area, skipping the shoes & hat and adding a little button bow- but the whole pattern went together very nicely and I love the result!! I

Oh, and I also
embroidered the entire face on instead of using felt for the eyes- I wanted an excuse to practice my stitching.

One quick word of advice- when the pattern says "Note- Don't pack the polyfill too tight. The tail as well as all the arms and legs have to be inside the body while you sew it and if they are overstuffed it might be difficult", well, its not kidding! I definitely overstuffed mine and as a result, sewing the body together was much more frustrating then it should have been. In the end, the body was a bit wonky- but the skirt covers it nicely and you can't really tell.

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