Sunday, November 23, 2008

Need Your Opinion! Please?

So here is where my "Simple Modern Baby Quilt" is right now... the "wait and see" stage. Thats the point that I've finished all my piecing, and I lay the quilt out with the squares in the proper order. Then I come back periodically over the course of a couple days or a week and decide how I feel about it. I find that directly after spending hours and hours cutting and piecing, my view is different then it will be after I wait a bit and come back to it.

Unfortunately, I never get to see it through the eyes of someone who isn't me... which is where you come in... I need an honest opinion before I commit these squares to my quilt. Its meant as a gift- so I want it to be a nice as possible. The thing I'm having trouble with tonight is the light pink blocks I have around the main "Apples & Pears" fabric. Is it the wrong shade of pink? Do I need to go darker? Pinker? As long as the comments are constructive, I'm happy to accept some criticism.

Please share your thoughts!! Thank you!!!


CraftADDict said...

I really like the pink. I think that the lighter pink makes the design on the inside stand out or pop more. Just my opinion. :) Really nice job.


A. Brown said...

I really like the color combinations. And what a smart idea about letting it sit for a few days!

I wouldn't change a thing about it because the patterns and colors work so well together.

Are you doing any borders or binding for the edges?

Quirky Parsnip said...

I think it looks good. I personally wouldn't have the exact same fabric on the inside of the pink blocks and different ones inside the green, but I'm a balance person. If you take a step back and don't over analyze it it looks great. I have no issues with the colors and whoever is receiving it is sure to love it.

Alissa said...

I definitely think that it works! I think all shades of pink "go" and I love the greens with it. I wouldn't change a thing!

Aunt Claudia said...



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