Monday, September 15, 2008

Warm Fuzzies

It never fails to completely make my day (sometimes my whole week even!) when someone gives my blog some accolades... either on another blog, or in the comments of mine I read and appreciate every single one!!!

I just recently swapped blog addresses with the very creative, incredibly talented Nici of ArtShapedWorld... and I just adore her work! She does all the crafts I wish I did, artist trading cards, altered items, mixed media... and I'm hoping that if I'm really nice, she might show me a thing or two!

Anyway, Nici was sweet enough to give me this little blog award...

With it comes the responsibility of nominating seven other blogs for the award, and sharing those links with you. Oh where to begin?!! I'm going to spend some time in deep contemplation- choosing between the 169 different craft blogs I subscribe to with my "
google reader". I'm not kidding, I just checked, 169!! I just love nothing more then perusing other people's work for ideas, inspiration, instruction and just to see whats out there.

But within the next couple days, I will narrow the list down to seven for you. I promise.

Thanks again Nici!

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