Monday, January 12, 2009

Jay McCarroll - Garden Friends

Wow, its been awhile huh?!! The holidays around here have been crazy… in between the normal family get-togethers, shopping, cooking, etc… we also had to plan a 5-day trip to Boston for a conference the day after Christmas, the repeated issues with my car (you wouldn’t believe the story if I told you!), and then finally, an absolutely horrible head cold/sinus infection for me. Right now my craft room has been turned into the “room where I stash things I don’t have time to deal with, like wrapping paper and extra boxes from Christmas”, and little else.

But I’m not going to stress about it. I have a list of “need to finish” projects looming over my head, Christmas gifts that were given in DIY IOU style… but they will wait patiently until I’m not longer under the weather, and possibly more importantly, until we’ve had time to even take our Christmas tree down!

So in lieu of any projects, finished or otherwise, I want to talk about Jay McCarroll.

To be quite honest with you, I live under a cable rock. Our staples are Law & Order SVU, House, and whatever special is on History International or National Geographic at the time. When we do get into a prime time show, its invariably after the buzz has died down and we can watch the season on DVD through Netflix. Maybe we’re just perpetually one step behind, or maybe it’s because we just can’t be tied down to a weekly TV schedule, but either way… I have never seen a single episode of Project Runway, a show in which (I'm told, and Google has confirmed) Jay McCarroll was a winner.

He’s recently come out with a fabulous new fabric line, which I HAVE heard of, and which I’m utterly enchanted by.

It’s called Garden Friends and its full of crazy little characters that will have you laughing in some cases, and if you’re like me, scratching your head in others!

Here are a few of my favorites, together:

I love this little guy... I've dubbed his look "Kitschy Steampunk".
Some fantastic "Doodle Birds"...
And the head-scratcher... an LSD Bunny print? I love it. I think.

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