Saturday, January 17, 2009

Fabric Shop Recommendation

With everything going on in the economy, plus some personal finance stuff, I've been trying to cut way back on my fabric shopping habits. It would probably be less painful for me to cut back on nonessentials- like food, air and water, because there is nothing I love more then getting the new lines in-hand as soon as they're released. I could spend an entire day washing, pressing and organizing my new editions... and then of course it takes forever to get the strength to actually cut into them! I know, I'm a little crazy, but I just love fabric. I blame my Memere (French-Canadian word for Grandmother), she's got a serious fabric problem that she instilled upon at a young age!

Well anyway, I'm starting to feel a little bad that during these lean times I'm leaving my absolute favorite fabric shop,
fabricworm, out to dry... so I wanted to take a minute to recommend them to you! If you are looking for the latest, greatest, and most reasonably priced fabrics by Heather Ross, Heather Bailey, Alexander Henry, Amy Butler, Erin McMorris, Jay McCarroll... or patterns by Sandi Henderson... or tons of others, then fabricworm is the place for you.

Cynthia, the shopkeeper, is a stay-at-home mother that is using etsy to make a living (how many of us dream of that!). She puts together the most amazing collections of quarter, half or full yard fabric pieces, sometimes covering an entire line and sometimes combining lines in ways that you can always trust will look amazing when they arrive in the mail (don't you just hate when fabrics look like they will match online, but in-hand look awful together?!).

And perhaps the best thing about her, is that she is always more then happy to make a change to an order or fulfill special requests. When the new Amy Butler home-dec line came out- she even sold me 4x4inch swatches of every single fabric in it, so I could play with the
designs on my furniture and decide which ones I wanted to use!

Oh, and right now she's selling Amy Butler's Daisy Chain at $7 a yard, while supplies last. That's the line I'm using to make this quilt...
Happy shopping!

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