Monday, October 13, 2008

Spare a Square Scrap Challenge going strong...

Back in September I signed up for the Spare a Square Scrap Challenge... and last week I rec'd a big envelope full of scraps!

The challenge organizer, JC Handmade has been excellent, and some of the participants are already finished!!!

Here is what we have in the gallery thus far...

1. Scrap Challenge Brainstorming 2, 2. Scrapy kitchen towel, 3. Scrap Challange Group 7, 4. mini quilt - group 7,
5. scrappy tin can, 6. Close Up Scrap Project Pillow - Group Two

As for my scraps? Their still sitting on my cutting table, staring at me, enticing me... I've got some thoughts for them... I'm expecting to have something finished this weekend... stay tuned!!

1 comment:

iHanna said...

Scraps are so fun - good luck with yours!


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