Friday, June 27, 2008

Bird Giving Balls

Etsy seller Bugtussle has come up with an interesting way to give fabric and fiber scraps a second life.

I have been making "bird giving balls" for years now and giving them out as gifts to friends. I have a flock of sheep, and some of the fleece was not good enough to use in my yarn, so as not to waste anything I thought it would be nice for the birds, since I saw them taking some of the scraps on the barn floor after shearing to make a nest. After finding nests around my farm with fleece in them, I decided to purchase a grapevine ball, which I thought was the natural way to go about it. I put my discarded fleece into it and added ribbons to see what would happen. To my surprise, I started to see ribbons in a nest! I could not believe it! So then I decided to add different colors of fleece and add more nesting material stuff such as excelsor, etc. People are always amazed at how birds actually use this.

Bird Giving Balls are very compelling as a sort of interactive lawn ornament, doubling as a way to upcycle the offshoots of your crafting projects. It's like a co-production creative project with our winged friends!

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