Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Cuteable Finds!

Cuteable is a blog run by husband and wife team Lynsey and Matt. Matt is in charge of the technical side of the site and Lynsey is in charge of the day to day running and the fun part - finding the cute to share!

Here are some cuties I recently spotted on Cuteable!

Turtle Mary Jane Shoes from Em And Sprout's Shop... yes ladies, they ARE adult sized!

This scrappy hat from Left Leg Design's Shop... this is a children's hat, but they do seem to offer special requests, so maybe they could whip one up in an adult size?!
Brilliant, just brilliant!! This is a "drop in"... you put all your purse "stuff" into it, then when you want to swap bags, just pull it out and drop it into your new one! I have so many oversized bags that I love- but my stuff just rolls around inside... these are available from ARTE DUBAI's Shop...

I'm not normally one for button-jewelry... but this "April Showers" necklace is enchanting... from
Edith and Lulu's shop...

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